When IT is good, people are better

We want you to direct the business instead of putting fires out

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Our typical client is a Business without specialist IT personnel.

Your IT has to be easy to use and fit your business, you need to love IT as much as we do.

We are independent of hardware and software suppliers, working with products which are appropriate for our clients, not those where we can make a margin.

We pride ourselves on talking english, explaining IT in terms which you will understand. That is why we have not covered this site with buzz words and tecno speak.

We have been looking after the IT for small businesses for 35 years.

Having worked both as users and for companies supplying IT we are in a unique position to understand the requirements and practices of both.

Maintenance contracts for fixed cost IT, fixed project costings or ad-hoc charging.

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Everything has data : Sales leads, Orders / projects, Customers, Suppliers, Payroll, Production.

IT makes any business tick and when you do IT well you will gain competetive advantage.

The sales team should be progressing leads and keeping Prospects and Clients happy. Being salesmen they should not be encumbered with admin and need an easy bulleted tool available anywhere.

If you sell online the Power Shop needs to be clean, easy to maintain and well optimised to catch googlers.

The admin team will be progressing orders or projects and more obviously office based but with and after Covid who knows ?.

Management will need to look at the bigger picture, drawing collated information and able to see where resources are best utilised.

The windows into the data may be different but rely on the same information.