We are not talking about writing a bespoke Order processing, Invoicing, Stock Control and Accounts package. It is those unique labour intensive data processing chores, which take people forever.

In the vast majority of cases, the office and financial administration system will be addressed by off the shelf software, the IT consultant will have assisted in the choice of the appropriate solution. There are still many niche areas of data processing, people are expensive and better employed in thinking.

Someone may be keying in orders received by email, Stock control spreadsheets may be updated laboriously, Sales data may be processed to show the Gross Margin by Product, Time sheets may be entered to calculate payroll data.

These are a few simple examples of data processing which become enshrined over time, but in fact cost a fortune because people have to maintain them. We enjoy Blue Skies thinking, there is no need to do things in a particular way just because they always have been.