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web design and e-business

More than just a pretty front page, our development process considers your entire online requirement, eBusiness, detailed information, Search engine optimisation and remote user tools.

Web-site or sites fulfill many functions :

You may need an online shop with full optimisation of your product keywords, it may be detailed company information or your online brochure, a vehicle for your customers or remote workers to place orders, get information to you / from you, or to update data.

The web site may be static where the pages seldom change, or database driven where page content is derived from dynamic (constantly updated) data. It could be a combination of the 2 where pages change but not sufficiently often to justify programming, eg you want to make a similar change each month of the year.

Data Consultancy Services will perform some web design in-house and sub-contract and manage where this is not appropriate. We will consult with you to discuss and agree the requirement before producing a proposal to cover all or specific elements of your online requirements.

Small Business IT Whitepaper
Small business IT whitepaper
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