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david crook - senior partner

l love to see IT play a beneficial role in an organisation. The amount of work that an individual can cover now in comparison with 20 years ago is astonishing.

I fell straight from school into a job as a production planner, manually calculating, amongst other things, how much steel should be left in 3 months time and placing orders accordingly. This application is perfect for a computerised MRP system, and my employers persuaded me to run the new IT. 3 years later the computer was doing all the work, and I went to work for the company who provided the IT solution.

Having seen both sides of the IT coin, I was in a unique position at an early age to advise and help end users with IT systems. The three fundamental tools of an IT consultant were in place: 1. Overall strategic consultancy, 2. Troubleshooting to make it all work, 3. Development to improve and expand the system.

I left school with 5 A-Levels, 3 of them in maths, and was frankly bored being educated, with a desire to join the real world.

Small Business IT Whitepaper
Small business IT whitepaper
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